Saturday March 24th at The Royal Room

Saturday March 24: African Music Nite Dance Party at the Royal Room with Anokye Agofomma and Sol Afrique 9 to 11:30

9:00 pmAnokye Agofomma is led by Ghanaian master drummer Yaw Amponsah and inspired by the teaching of his father, the legendary Koo Nimo. Be prepared for hot Ghanaian drumming in the traditional Asante drumming traditions of Kete, Fontomfrom, and Adowa as well as popular palm wine music. Featured artists include: Greg Campbell, Mohammed Shaibu, Viren Kamdar, Siya Manyakanyaka, Etienne Cakpo, Sanai and Shannetta.



Yaw Amponsah



10:15 pm – Sol Afrique features Cameroonian singer/songwriter/guitarist Guillaume Mpacko serving up a musical smorgasbord of Afro, Latin and jazzy beats and moods from Cameroon, South Africa, Cuba and the Caribbean.

Sol Afrique

This show is our inaugural African night at the Royal Room in Columbia City, 5000 Rainier Ave S., (see Come show your support for African Music Nites at this great new club!
Produced by African Music Nites Consortium
We are Shawna Hawk and Claire Jones

Look for African Music Nites at Waid’s on April 1


2 responses to “Saturday March 24th at The Royal Room

  1. Very nice event last night. Here is a link to some of the photos taken last.

    or look up Black-eyed Photography on Facebook

    Just look for Anokye Agofomma and Sol Afrique.

  2. Thanks, Gene, it was a great night. I’ll be sure to put your link prominently in my next post coming soon.